Performance Improvement

Performance Focus is a full-service, performance improvement consulting network specializing in helping organizations and individuals locate, select and use innovative solutions to their performance improvement needs, whether it be in training, instructional design and e-learning, human resource development, marketing or research areas:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Instructional Design
  • Training Workshops designed to improve employee and organization performance
  • Use of technology in training when it’s appropriate methodology

By using qualitative and quantitative market analysis combined with the technology of  human performance improvement, we know how to implement training and other solutions in the workplace by using the results of market research and focus groups and other behavioral performance analysis techniques.  Our research services may include taking the “next step”, if desired.  The firm brings a fresh approach to the performance improvement process for firms of all sizes and products/services. Staff knows about new performance technology tools as they apply to learning technology and systems.

If you need to assess and monitor the quality of your services in the eyes of your customers, conduct exploratory research for new products or services, or determine opportunities for performance improvement based on feedback and research with your customers (internal or external), contact us.  We can help.